“Deva”, a concept that explains many strange things


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1. Aboriginal Spirituality linked to place


The transcript of a talk at a Swedenborg church. It discusses ‘Spirit of Place’ and the concept of the Dreamtime. It uses Canberra as an example.

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2. Exoplanets and Devas


A discussion on how Devas may work to seed life on ‘Goldilocks Zone’ planets and on the earth.



3. The Exo-mind: Devas, Extra-terrestrials and Nematodes


Pieces of the human, Deva and extra-terrestrial puzzle are assembled in this essay. The pieces don’t make a perfect fit but they do present a fascinating picture of a possible reality. A complex, rambling article.

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4. Earth’s Geomantic Energies


A look at how “Shiva Winds” circulate consciousness around the planet. Key locations and variability.

Shiva becomes a mnemonic for the major etheric energy pathways - click for larger image (opens new window on your browser)


5. Breatheranism: 'The Process' interview with Robin Adams


Robin’s description of the way she was helped by Devas or extra-terrestrials to achieve a state where she had no need to eat makes interesting reading.



6. Antenna Theory, does Consciousness reside in the human body


The article suggests that humans are antennas that focus different types of Cosmic Consciousness. The skull, the skeleton, the lymph system and the ‘third eye’ all receive a variety of signals. Human daily consciousness is described as a program that sorts through these signals.



7. The Nature of Consciousness, a seminar reading Alan Watts


Watts considers the nature of cosmic and human consciousness. He shows how our cultural expectations create our world view. One can see where Devas fit in as the ‘Beings of Creation’.

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8. Summer Solstice, Devas and Ascension


At solstice times the Cosmos feels more connected to the earth. The offices and astronomers' domes on Mt. Stromlo are home to about 100 ANU Astronomers. It seems that Devas came and share their thoughts with people who visit the hill.

Mt Stromlo Ridge


9. Moving a Deva goddess from Kashmir to Australia


This incredible article by Robyn Adams describes how her body was occupied and used by a large Kashmiri Devic Goddess as a vehicle to move from Kashmir to Australia. It has appeared in many new age publications as “Kashmir Journey 1988”. Contains recent postscripts.

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10.                  Devas in Tuscany, back to the past


“From the human point of view, we humans are being used as nodes (like chips in a computer) by the Devas of the surrounding Zeri hills. They are not only in us, we and them are one ... they let us drift on unaware while they use our nerves, our channels of consciousness.” This is a quote from the rambling eight page article that covers Neanderthals, Neolithic culture and even a footnote about bear/human interaction.


11.                  Singapore, Devas & Consciousness


New and old energetic forces affect the 6 million people who live on this tiny island. The article presents a number of new ideas - high rise “Building Devas”, Islamic thought intrusion, Chinese use of Feng Shu to influence human consciousness on the island and the nature of growth forces in the tropics.


12.                  Possession by a Thai Deva & Monk hybrid


A brief personal recollection of a period of being possessed by an entity. The author collected this entity in a Thai monastery on a very hot summer’s day.