Building on Deva Wisdom

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1. Theosophical view of Devas and Nature Spirits


In the Theosophical tradition devas are often presented in this shape and form with areas of color suggesting different areas of consciousness -see picture above.  Most seem to be drawn with a human face - perhaps to show that they are attuning a part of themselves to people.

Deva of Ceremonial


2.  Dreaming – Accessing Sacred Sites


The second rule is - shut up. There is no way you will hear the whisper of a bird's wings if your mind is running thoughts. You need a quiet gap to get input. It need only be a tiny gap, perhaps born from boredom, but a gap you must have. The traditional way to do this is focus on something - a candle flame, a mantra or a holy statue. In dreaming one focuses on place, one blends into place.


3.  A Deva, Canberra National Botanic Gardens


I wondered why the two Devas had never met before. In response the garden Deva gave me an insight into the fact that unassisted she could only reach out to sister Devas if they were within line of sight, and that this was a characteristic of all Devas.


Now, a day later, I recall Philip Simpfendorfer - a Australian friend who for many years has been deeply involved in earth energy work - telling me that it always surprised him how the huge and powerful Kashmir Goddess of the hills would interrogate him about similar beings in Australia.


4.  Bones and Devas at Glastonbell


But, I've come to suspect, that the really amazing and special thing about Glastonbell is that it was used by Aboriginal people to keep themselves and the landscape connected to the 'Sky Heros' who keep the Dreaming unfolding in the right way so as to keep the everything alive and healthy.

The Human Antenna- click for larger image (opens new window in browser)


5.  Discovering, Devas, Angels and Nature Spirits


This is a modified piece cut from Dr Geo’s large book “Angels of Canberra” (listed just below). It describes how he developed his ability to see and communicate with Devas. There are many Deva illustrations to go with his descriptions.

... Then I was shocked when suddenly I saw “tall slim men” of differing heights (mostly about two metres high) all carefully watching me as I walked past. When I turned and looked directly at them it was obvious I could see them so they scattered back into the tree trunks. Seeing these tree spirits was the start of a great adventure in consciousness which has continued for over twenty years.


6.  Hospital Deva … Thoughts after an Operation


Steven wrote this short article when he returned home from a hernia operation in hospital. It gives and excellent description of the type of Deva (and her problems) that involve themselves with humans in hospitals.


When I checked into Hospital I immediately came into contact with the Hospital's central Deva. An immense being able to function in many different places and levels at the same time. Left waiting for an hour I meditated and asked her why she didn't clear up the ugly demonic junk that wisped up and down the corridors, jumping on and off people and generally breeding in the aching thought forms that the sick manifest around themselves.



7.  Devas in a Thai Buddhist Village: Homodynamics


The bare footed monks collecting, the people giving, the monks eating, the monks digesting and the monks chanting. The same chant day after day, for 20, 40 or 50 years of their lives.


A symbiotic process - the humans, the paddy, the rice, the animals, the plants and any number of Devas and Nature Spirits all working in an ecological loop for thousands and thousands of years.


8. Devas and Human history


The people of the late Stone Age made machines capable of inter-galactic contact with their mounds, tunnels and orientations pointing to star systems. This seemingly helped them pin-point, contact and communicate with Extra-Terrestrial intelligences.


The Wee Jasper Devic guardian also suggest to me that they are looking forward to the time when human interaction with Extra-Terrestrial intelligences will again be a part of conscious planetary life.


9. Cootamundra 1, Deva impressions and workings


I sent out the visualized thought, “What is happening here?” In return I got flashes of the past. I became aware that the Deva had a connection to everyone in town. I refocused my mediation and saw that the Deva reached high into the sky and linked into similar Devas around the world.


The image came of a Devic web of awareness which encased the globe like chicken wire wrapped around a ball. Awed by what I experienced I gave espect to the Deva and received acknowledgment and love in return.

Description: C:\Users\Guth\Desktop\IMG_8989.JPG


10.                 Cootamundra 2, visiting Devas with Dr Geo


… I’ve typed up an extract of our taped conversation …


“... I’ve tuned in, this Deva seems in communication with the other ones nearby, certainly the one that’s going up towards the hill at the south end of town. They all seem to be saying ‘hold on, what are these humans doing here, why are they tuning into our business?”

Cootamundra-angel-smaller - Copy.jpg


11.                 Cootamundra 3, further Deva encounters


… there seems a large ball of light over the town - no, it’s not a hovering space craft! It’s a ball, a radiating ball of light. Intense white in the middle and moving through yellow to orange around the edges. It seems to have linking lines running to other Devas around the edges of the town. None seem to run to the myriad little devas that seem to populate the valley below.



12.                 Cootamundra 4, Car Accident. Deva involvement?


… Fifty years ago Pauline had been at school with many of the girls from the local Bimberdeen Aboriginal Girls home. And yes, the terrible stories about the place, some were true. The girls were hired out as servants, and some became pregnant and then some had to bury their babies.

It didn’t surprise her about the accident. Revenge killing was part of aboriginal culture and one of the dead people in the car may have had something to answer for.



13.                 Cootamundra 5, a nearly deadly drive home


... If I had been walking the bliss would have been a pleasure. A chance to sit and dream. But in a car moving at 100kph it was a deadly thing to do ... and how was the Deva to know about cars? For most of its 20,000 previous years there had been people but no 100kph killing machines.

 Small hilltop Devas on the road from Cootamundra to Galong