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1. Web search for “What are Devas?”


They do not have form as we understand form in the physical world. In their, astral, realm they are like fluidic open vortexes of cosmic consciousness. When people are able to perceive them, they often will take a form extracted from the human mind. Thus we will see them in a more or less human form, but in essence they are only vortexes of energies.




2. Deva (Buddhism)   From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The term deva does not refer to a natural class of beings, but is defined anthropocentrically to include all those beings more powerful or more blissful than humans. It includes some very different types of being; these types can be ranked hierarchically. It is said the lowest classes of these devas are about the same in evolution as human beings.



3. A European way of looking at Deva realities


What I saw – and I can't understand this at all – was an underground world of light, bright white light, with things growing.
Everywhere was the desire to grow, to be born, to become."




4. The Deva behind Islam


The total Islamic population of the earth is about a billon. As a focal point for accumulated astral power the Kasbah makes the Vatican or Canberra's Parliament House seem like toy boxes.



5. Devas to Dinosaurs  


But how does the idea of Devas evolving species square with the mass extinction thing; the suggestion that, for example, the dinosaurs were wiped out by a big meteorite or asteroid?

Steven’s Email response on 27 November 2001 …

I don't think you need to suppose a meteorite calamity to end a species line. Boredom by the presiding Devic entity could be enough. Like those explorers in space stories; we have done all we can here let’s move onto the next planet in the cosmos. 

So when the Devic creator gets bored it leaves, and the biota - without a higher principle to sustain and nurture it - dies out.

Amazingly, this explanation fits in perfectly.



6. Aboriginal Dreaming  … Contacting Celestial Intelligence


Everything in images, it had taken what seemed
like a minute. Yet surely it was longer, maybe much longer. The
message came from far away. So ideas are shared throughout the
cosmos. Somewhere out there, far away, was a planet that grew
cauliflower trees. Maybe now it would grow leaves, someday. So
that is how progress, how evolution happened; ideas were shared
forward and backwards across the cosmos.





7. Marko Pogacnik - his views on Devas


He describes in detail the various elemental beings and their roles in maintaining the web of life, and also gives insights into related topics, such as the flow of energies within the landscape and the long-suppressed Goddess culture.



8. Deva Magic at Findhorn


Most of this research has concentrated on whether Nature can hear us. But the real question might be whether we can hear nature, and after talking with Dorothy Maclean, the answer may be yes. The lack of contact between humans and Nature is a recent phenomenon, the exception rather than the rule, for human beings have been in communication with nature spirits, the Devas, the spirit of forests and stars, since the dawn of history.



9. Contacting my Household Deva


I can access our ridge top Deva through a small bronze Kwan Yin statue that rests in our house with a candle and a joss stick holder. The statue - a Churinga stone of sorts - is a gateway to the Deva’s consciousness.



10.                  Deva Space Port in the Cognac Region of France


As Steven opened the car door he asked, “What happened here today? Are we - were we - in danger?”

“Would I lie to you? No, it has happened to me before. Humans feed the earth; we are the link that connects the cosmos to the planet. In the Neolithic time people designed ways to do it better and better - that’s what we are trying to copy