This site sets out to present and preserve work that Dr Geo and Steven Guth have researched over forty years.


Section 1, “Articles on Devas”, discusses the concept of Devas and how it can be approached from numerous viewpoints; many of these are presented.




Section 2, “Building on Deva Wisdom”, presents articles on Deva lore. The information in these articles are the backbone of this site - pick out the ones you want to access via a click on the section index below.




Section 3, “Devas, a concept that explains many strange things”, contains numerous bits and pieces that relate to Devas and show the university of the Deva concept.




Section 4, “Books on Deva researches”, is a collection of books - designed to be read as such, or better yet printed. All are not currently in print, two are now considered as rare books. All refer to “Devas” as an integral part of their themes.







Who are we? No we are not gumnut babies!


We are oldish people who have stumbled on the Deva idea as good explanation to what our natural clairvoyance has shown us exists. For us it not so much a question of learning a clairvoyant technique but not losing the ability that we had as children.


Articles in section two are set out in the way we view the Deva concept. As to the why of setting up this web site. Well, Devas have their periods of attention the western world. The Theosophical material of the 1920's was rich in Deva lore. Later in the 1960's there was again a surge of interest with the development the 'New Age' and the publication of material about the Findhorn community.


Currently Devas as a topic are out of fashion but we sense a reawakening of interest. Devas as eastern concepts like Zen and Taoism also blend with the realities of ideas in quantum physics. Hence, we have created this site so material that we have painstaking accumulated is available to the people who are interested - or will come after us. No point in reinventing the wheel. If you have any suggestions, simple questions or contributions please email us at devahomeoz at